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There is a long running battle between box and professional colouring. Some choose to professionally colour out of fear of messing up their own locks. Some choose box colour because it’s cheaper. Some mix the two and box colour between salon visits. No matter the method, a lack of knowledge is causing hair to become very damaged and unmanageable

I am going to tell you the difference between the two.
A box colour is affectivly, one size fits all. The developer/peroxide is the main ingredient involved in colouring the hair, as its the thing that changes your hair colour. In a box colour the peroxide is the same strength for all shades, which could be too high for the finish you want. In our salon, the stylist uses many factors when deciding how much developer to use. For example, ash blonde hair that is being dyed to a caramel blonde wouldn’t need as much developer as say, a medium shade of brunette would. The former would use about 3% and the other about 6%. When thinking of hair health, less developer = healthier hair. That means, if our stylist can use a lower volume of developer she will.
Also, the ammonia in a box colour really kills your hair cuticle and leads to an unwanted haircut. The primary function for ammonia, is to raise the pH of the hair, open the cuticle, and allow for colour to enter the cortex. The more ammonia in a colour product, the higher the pH of the hair will become and the wider the cuticle will open. The high amount of ammonia, damages the hair shaft and closing the cuticles is near on impossible, results of this treatment lead to severely damaged, dry hair. This will only continue to get worse with each box colour and the only solution is to cut the ends off and never box colour again.

Another reason to having your hair professionally coloured, is so you get an even all over coverage. When I have a client that has box dyed her hair, you can clearly see patches off darker areas and high colour build up. Colour build up is not an issue if you are light, but if you dye your hair dark and want to lighten it up, it will be a long damaging process.

Finally, the cost. Each time you box colour your hair it is damaged more than it would be under the supervision of our stylist. This means you will need haircuts more often. Considering the chances of a hair nightmare are much higher when you use a box, you also must account for an emergency trip to the salon for corrective colour services. So…not only is box colour worse economically in the long run, it is also costing you a bunch of time (having to re-colour more often) and it is stripping you the benefits of healthy, glossy hair.

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